Fantasy Sports Loyalty Index

For some of the largest daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites, brand awareness is not translating into brand loyalty among bettors. How are smaller DFS sites outplaying some of the industry titans?

HPL Digital Sport’s 2019 index surveyed more than 1,000 daily fantasy players measuring their loyalty for daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites based on levels of trust, customer experience, value and frequency of bets, likelihood to increase wager amount, return rate, and referral opportunities.

You can buy awareness,
but you can’t buy brand loyalty

The survey found that, while awareness drove market share and volume of bets to fantasy industry giants DraftKings and FanDuel, smaller sites such as TradeFan, FantasyDraft, RealTime Fantasy Sports and Draftboard scored higher on several attributes ranked most important by consumers, including trust, customer support, online betting tools and player research capabilities.

This gives challenger brands the opportunity to disrupt the market by appealing to both new customers and those who seek a more seamless betting experience. Greater awareness ≠ greater trust. To pull this off, however, these brands must effectively communicate value in the market.

Customer Support & Game Options: 61% of TradeFan users agreed strongly that the site provides effective customer support while only 37% of DraftKings customers felt similarly.

What’s more, 54% of bettors who frequently use RealTime Fantasy Sports believe the site provides tools that make betting easier compared to only 38% of Yahoo! Fantasy Sports users.

With loyalty comes increased
bets and referrals

Players who use smaller sites indicated they are more likely to recommend and spend more money on those sites compared to those who frequent the larger players:

67% of Draftboard users and 62% of TradeFan users said they were likely to recommend the websites.

56% of FanDuel and DraftKings players and 51% of Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports players who said the same.

74% of TradeFan users, 65% of RealTime Fantasy Sports users and 62% of Daily Fantasy Insider users are likely to raise their betting amounts. In contrast, only 44% of FanDuel users, 40% of DraftKings users and 38% of Yahoo Fantasy Sports users said the same.

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