Facebook Offensive Plan

Author: Heather Valle, Account Lead

Facebook may seem outdated compared to new shiny platforms like TikTok, but it may be time to shake the dust off if you’re looking to maintain a loyal following of sports bettors.

HPL Digital’s Sports State of the New Sports Bettor Study found that when asked which social media platform respondents use the most to communicate or discuss sports betting, Facebook led all other social media platforms at 33%. When asked where bettors viewed and read their favorite betting content from media outlets, 55% of users also reported to view that content on Facebook.

This is critical considering our most recent Quarterly Pulse found that 60% of fantasy and sports bettors reported not having loyalty to any specific fantasy sports or betting platform. To get in front of the fantasy buffs that like to play the field, the everyday sports fans and the newbies, you need to be able to cut through the clutter to make your app stand out and portray how it may fit their personal style of betting. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on grabbing their attention.

It’s no secret why Facebook is a favorite among sports bettors. The State of the New Sports Bettor found that bettors want to interact with favorite brands by doing more than just placing a bet. On their wish list, 34 percent said they desire the ability to communicate with other platform users. Cheering on a favorite team, trash-talking others – typical activities that fans engage in at in-person sporting events are not a reality in all 50 states this season. Fantasy sports operators can tap their Facebook profiles to recreate the atmosphere in the stands by starting and controlling discussions in their feed.

The offensive plan here – be bolder, and push your Facebook presence further. Give fans reasons to come to your platform. Are you offering spot contests? Exclusive interviews with athletes and influencers? Touchdown dance-offs? Trivia? Consider if any regularly scheduled season comes to a halt, are you running more than just promos?

Leverage Facebook to bring your brand to life and give fans an exclusive experience. Once you have an engaged audience, you’re one step closer to a loyal one.

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