When a brand becomes an identity

Author: Nicholas Jackson, Creative Director

“Montreal’s Major League Soccer team unveiled its new name, badge and color scheme as Club de Foot Montreal, becoming the latest in a series of clubs undertaking a rebrand from its former identity as the Montreal Impact.” Forbes

The successful rebrand of Club de Foot Montreal speaks to how the branding of sports team are not secular but rather a second identity for cities and the people that live in and around them. It becomes much more of than just an identity for a sports team but rather the identity of its people – an identity that stands with them during celebration, good times, low times – something that sticks with you as a marker of your life living in a place and growing as a human – its a mark of your surroundings and personal identity and as it grows with the team, it will grow with the city and grow with the people. A good identity is much more than the sum of its parts.

A good identity needs to connect with people – to show a true understanding as to why these people do what they do. In the sports world a great identity really connects with people and why they chose a region not the region its self. A region is just land, which has no emotion its self – its the people that chose to live in these regions, to route for these teams, to show up time and time again that give it emotion – so the identity needs to echo the understanding of why these people have connected over a region and over a team.

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