Understanding the American Player

The US sports betting market is rife with opportunity and as deregulation continues, affiliates are on the hunt to dominate the competition and rise to the top of the industry. How can both new arrivals and established brands win the fight for market share?

Our own Edward Moed weighed into this conversation during SBC Events – Betting on Sports America 2020 conference – to discuss how brands can acquire new customers in more cost effective ways, while also building greater loyalty. He spoke on the panel themed “Understanding the American player” on 12/2/20, alongside Max Bichsel, VP of US Sales for Gambling.com Group, Todd Kobrin, CEO of Oddsium, and Lauren Seller, Managing Director of Four Wood Capital Partners.

Press play below to hear some of Ed’s top insights.

“There’s a big push on customer acquisition and lowering the cost of customer acquisition, but loyalty, which is all about retention, needs to be thought of.”

“Companies need to look at influencers in a different way. Sports bettors are most influenced by friends and family.”