HPL Digital Sport Partners with Full Moon Sports Solutions

Full Moon to deliver strategic services as well as drive business development for HPLDS

HPL Digital Sport (HPLDS), a specialty group within Hot Paper Lantern, which works with fantasy sports, sports betting and esport companies to create brand relevance, has partnered with Full Moon Sports Solutions (Full Moon) to generate business growth within the industry. Leveraging decades of experience in the sports business industry, Full Moon will serve as a consultant to HPLDS advising the firm on high-level strategy and new business development.

“Our partnership with Full Moon allows us the opportunity to make connections with sports brands that are looking to gain market share and differentiate themselves from competitors,” said Ed Moed, CEO of HPL Digital Sport. “Full Moon’s expertise and reputation in the sports betting and daily fantasy market is second to none and will help propel our brand and service offerings in this intensely competitive industry.”

Full Moon provides solutions to sports businesses including high-level strategy, marketing, sales, business development and product design/development. The firm is led by Founder Rick Wolf and CEO Edward Bunnell and has worked with companies such as Baseball America, FOX Sports, USA Today and Automated Insights.

“HPL Digital Sport is a company that is looking ahead of the curve and rethinking how companies need to position themselves from utilizing public relations, social media, marketing and paid digital strategies,” said Wolf. “Having been involved in digital sports for the past 20 years, we understand progressive thinking and innovation is needed to become dominant market leaders.”

About HPL Digital Sport:

Hot Paper Lantern Digital Sport is a specialty group within Hot Paper Lantern (HPL) that works with fantasy, sports betting and e-sports brands to gain a competitive edge and acquire new audiences. The group’s unique value proposition is how it integrates specific services such as: strategic branding, customer research/analytics, digital marketing, public relations and social media strategy, experiential and creative design to maximize building brand, while acquiring customers for its clients.

About Full Moon Sports Solutions:

Founded in 2001 by Fantasy Sports Hall of Famer, Rick Wolf, Full Moon assisted many sports companies including AOL, USA Today and FOX. In 2002, Full Moon partnered with Allstar Stats culminating in the 2006 purchase by NBC Universal leading Wolf to assist in the expansion of digital for NBCSports.com. Full Moon has now reopened with sports media pioneer Ed Bunnell as CEO and provides solutions to sports businesses including high-level strategy, marketing, sales, business development and product design & development.