New Research Shows Sports Bettors Want More from their Online Experiences; Betting and Fantasy Sports Platforms Need To Adjust

“‘The State of the New Sports Bettor’ clearly indicates that users want and expect more from the platforms on which they choose to bet or play,” said Ed Moed, CEO of HPLDS.

Hot Paper Lantern Digital Sport (HPLDS), a specialty group within Hot Paper Lantern focused on helping fantasy sports and betting brands become more relevant, has released a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative study of American sports bettors. The study provides robust insights into how bettors’ attitudes and actions will change how they bet, what they are looking for in betting and fantasy sports platforms and what operators need to understand as they look to re-engage and re-build loyalty among bettors and fantasy sports players. The full “State of the New Sports Bettor” study took into account interviews with more than 4,400 sports bettors, scores of industry experts, as well as secondary research into current trends and issues as sports open up again after the COVID-19 shutdown. The research was collected from February through April 2020.

For the first time, study findings help illuminate changing demographics, education levels and betting habits in this area. The findings also answered a long-standing question: Is the fantasy sports player and sports bettor one in the same? The answer is an emphatic yes, as almost 90 percent of sports bettors surveyed said they also play fantasy sports. The study’s data and insights focus around three key areas that are now on the minds of sports bettors:

  1. What’s most important in selecting betting or fantasy sites and what attributes will build loyal returning users? 
  2. How can platforms add greater value to provide users with the best possible experiences? 
  3. How will bettors/fantasy sports players be impacted by the “new normal” through mobile access, changing state regulations, and less disposable income?

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