New Poll Details What Bettors Want for Sports Betting in the Near Future

In a recent report from HPL Digital Sport, there was a poll of 4,400 sports bettors that looked at everything you could imagine from the US sports bettor. This is an especially interesting report because of the timing it coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, as one of the key times in the history of online gaming in terms of survival and projection. Some questions were asked and answered that are quite interesting in terms of results, so let’s dive into the report and figure out the question that we are wondering…what do sports bettors want?

What Do Sports Bettors Want Going Forward?

As a sports bettor, this is quite the generic question right? Do you want better prices? More betting options? All states to be mobile? Of course, but it is deeper than that. Here is a look at some highlights of the report in terms of what bettors would want.

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