HPLDS CEO Ed Moed, “Imagine doing research and placing bets in one platform!”

“This industry right now is the wild west and new platforms are popping up left and right. Customers and users are loyal to things that work and that they enjoy using. Betting sites need to worry about how the platform performs and take their time understanding and growing with users’ needs to outperform the competition.”

This week USBR.com spoke to Hot Paper Lantern Digital Sport (HPLDS), a group focused on sports betting and fantasy sports customer acquisition and engagement. In addition to providing services to companies operating with this niche, HPLDS conducts research in the field and are interested in understanding the motivation, habits and personal preferences of new and emerging sports bettors in the U.S.

CEO Ed Moed took the time to answer a few questions about the new American sports betting market.

The market has exploded since the PASPA repeal. What’s your view on how the media publications have moved into the sports betting market over the last year and a half?

Moed: It is a fascinating time to be in the business of sports betting for two reasons. First, It’s a land grab for the media. Whereas in the past, a sports site may just have the Vegas lines within a story passively, there are now specific carved out sections of a site, like ESPN’s The Chalk or standalone sites like The Action Network, dedicated to betting news. So the landscape to find news and content is growing rapidly.

The second factor is the actual content. Look to any sports news site and the articles cover just about every single aspect of the sport. What started as coverage of scores and highlights has evolved to a full spectrum of content that includes player backgrounds, weather and injury reports, sports science and fan human interest stories. Sports betting coverage is still trending on expert predictions and the straight reporting of the lines, but eventually, coverage will be as robust as it is for all sports.

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